The city of Leipzig is known for its diverse network of independent cultural projects. The Polish Institute Leipzig would like to take advantage of this network in order to increase Germany's awareness of contemporary Polish writers. The Polish Literature Days will be held in partnership with the translators' association Die Fähre, the working group Comparative Mythology, the literary magazine EDIT, the Science Fiction Circle of Friends and the Haus des Buches. One of its many events include a presentation of German translations of contemporary Polish texts which have not yet been published in Germany.

Writers: Adam Zagajewski, Pawel Huelle, Wojciech Kuczok, Marta Podgórnik, Tadeusz Dabrowski (all PL) and others
Translators: Angelika Nowiki, Herbert Ulrich, Martin Sander
Presenters: Hans-Christian Trepte, Henryk Bereska, Uljana Wolf, Bernd Karwen

Venue and schedule:
Leipzig, Haus des Buches and the Polish Institute Leipzig 21 - 25 Nov. 2005


Polnisches Institut Leipzig

Markt 10

04109 Leipzig