Speaking of Others

Multifunctional platform for formulating future cultural perspectives

Artistic director: Chus Martinez

Creative artists: TRAMA (AR), Suely Rolnik (BR), Open Circle (IN), Temporary Services (USA), 4 corners (GB), Alexej Monroe (SI), Lia Perjovschi (RO), Hoffmann Haus (CL), revolver, David Armengol, Marti Manent (ES/SE), Cova Mavías (ES), Masha Shekarloo, Bad Jens (IQ), Nina Möntmann, Tranzit (CZ), Martha Rosler (USA), Camouflage (BE), Theresa Kaufmann (A)
Venue: Frankfurter Kunstverein
Schedule: June 2006 - June 2008

The Frankfurter Kunstverein hosted the programme Speaking of Others - a new platform for formulating future cultural perspectives. By presenting cultural-political approaches, artistic productions and documentary reports by creative artists from around the world, the programme aimed to find a new language of communication between institutions and the public, as well as between the scientific community and society. A website was created on which all cultural activities are archived and made available for research purposes.


Frankfurter Kunstverein

Steinernes Haus am Römerberg, Mark 44

60311 Frankfurt am Main