Marking the 10th anniversary of Ernst Jandl’s death, the Literaturhaus Berlin presented an exhibition dedicated to one of the most important and influential poets of post-war German literature whose works explored the overlap of literature, music and the fine arts. The exhibition mainly focused on the multilingual, international and intermedial character of Jandl’s works which include poems, prose, radio and stage plays, illustrations, collaborative works with musicians, films and a ballet. An extensive body of material – including yet unpublished works from Jandl’s estate – documented the artistic versatility of this writer. A comprehensive accompanying programme illustrated the many cross-disciplinary references contained in his works.
The Austrian Literature Archive contributed a multimedia DVD which presents the complex interaction between the events of Jandl’s life and the production of his works.

Curators: Bernhard Fetz (AT), Hannes Schweiger (AT)
Artists (performance): Blixa Bargeld, (music): Dieter Glawischnig, (slam poetry): Mieze Medusa (A), (writers): Bodo Hell (A), Franz Josef Czernin (A), Ulf Stolterfoht, Jürg Laederach (CH), Marcel Beyer, Urs Allemann (CH), Michael Lentz, Nora-Eugenie Gomringer

Venues and schedule:
Wien Museum, 4 November 2010 – 13 February 2011
Literaturhaus Berlin, 14 May 2011 –  17 July 2011
Muzeul National Brukenthal mit Institutul Cultural Român, Sibiu/Herrmannstadt, Romania, 30 September – 6 November 2011
"Ernst Jandl: On stage": Muzeul de Arta, Temeswar, Romania, 23 November  – 18 December 2011


Literaturhaus Berlin

Fasanenstraße 23

10719 Berlin