The Now of Knowledge

Walter Benjamin in culture, art and science - Exhibitions, film programme, conference, performances, concert, presentations

At present, there is a trend away from the theoretical to more artistic aspects in the reception of Walter Benjamin's works. More and more artists, filmmakers, architects, composers and curators are finding inspiration in Benjamin's ideas and conceptual illustrations. In his writings, they are discovering answers to issues of current significance, such as the importance of religion(s), the criticism of violence, the relationship between art and the natural sciences, the development of a global media culture, and the essence of a specifically European culture in a globalised world. This international festival aims to merge the artistic and scientific positions regarding dominant themes in Benjamin's philosophical writings.

Project director: Sigrid Weigel
Project coordinator: Sabine Flach
Participants: Peter Eisenman (USA), Yona Friedman (IL), Rem Koolhaas (NL), Robin Rhose (ZA), William Kendridge (ZA), Alexander Kluge, Dani Karavan (IL), Alexander Honold (CH), Bettina Menke, Georges Didi-Huberman (F), Eric Santner (USA), Eugen Blume, Erdmut Wizisla, Uwe Wirth, Ernst Müller and others