ZOO 3000 – The Exploded University

Interdisciplinary theme-based festival

Until recently, human coexistence with animals had received little attention in the research efforts and theories of the social sciences, cultural sciences and humanities . But that is now changing. So-called “zoo politics” or “animal studies” are playing an increasingly important role in these disciplines. However, taking animals into account whenever one addresses social issues requires new cultural and bio-political points of view. Kampnagel has invited international researchers and artists to a two-week “Exploded University” to discuss our relationship to animals, transnaturality and political-zoological strategies. The goal was to explore what love, life and combat might look like in a zoo-political world.

General director: Amelie Deuflhard
Artistic directors: Nadine Jessen, Melanie Zimmermann
Research assistant: Fahim Amir (AT)
Artists: God’s Entertainment (AT), David Weber-Krebs (BE), Antonia Baehr, Corinna Korth, Jecko Siompo (PG), BauBau (AT), Ralo Meyer (AT), Jozef Wouters (BE), Martin Nachbar.


Kampnagel GmbH

Jarrestraße 20

22303 Hamburg

http://www.kampnagel.de/ (external link, opens in a new window)