Executive Board and Team

Introduction to the Executive Board

The Artistic Director, Katarzyna Wielga-Skolimowska, and the Administrative Director, Kirsten Haß, constitute the Executive Board of the German Federal Cultural Foundation.


Executive Board

Katarzyna Wielga-Skolimowska

Executive Board / Artistic Director

CV of Katarzyna Wielga-Skolimowska

Photo: Falk Wenzel

Kirsten Haß

Executive Board / Administrative Director

Portrait photo of Kirsten Haß, Executive Board / Administrative Director of the German Federal Cultural Foundation
Photo: Lotte Ostermann


Luise Wendler

Office of the Artistic Director

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Beate Ollesch

Secretariat of the Artistic Director and Secretariat Berlin Office

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Franziska Schöppe

Office Administrative Director

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Officer to the Executive Board

Funding and Programmes

Uta Schnell

Head of Funding and Programmes

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Antonia Lahmé

Deputy Head of Funding and Programmes
Programme Development 

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Sabrina Bachmann

Secretariat of Funding and Programmes and of Evaluation 

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Dr Jeanne Bindernagel

Programme Development 

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Dr Kate Brehme

pik – Mentoring for Disabled Leadership

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Nuno de Brito Rocha

Programme Development

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Dr Sebastian Brünger

Programme Development 
Climate and Sustainability

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Teresa Darian

Programme Development 
Cultural Education

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Dr Marie Cathleen Haff

Head of General Project Funding

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Johannes Hebsacker


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Cora Hegewald

Transcontinental Partnerships

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Nils Hilkenbach

Zero – Climate-neutral artistic and cultural projects

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Karin Kirchhoff


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Dr Uwe Maximilian Korn


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Dr Friederike Landau-Donnelly

Transcontinental Partnerships

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Julian Stahl

Digitality as cultural practice

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Steffen Sünkel

pik – Programme for Inclusive Artistic Practice

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Programme Administration

Dr Hassan Soilihi Mzé

Head of Programme Administration

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Marcel Gärtner

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Friederike Glasse

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Anton Shulman

Anton Shulman


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Legal Department, Project Appraisal, Human Resources

Dr. Christian Kalthöner

Head of Legal Department and Human Resources, Legal Counsel

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Katrin Gayda

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Beatrix Kluge

Human Resources

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Alexandra Kluschke

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Project Appraisal

Steffen Schille

Head of Project Appraisal

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Viola Noll

Head of Communications

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Tinatin Eppmann

Deputy Head of Communications

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Jan-Philipp Kohlmann

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Julia Mai

Digital Culture

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Administration and Finance

Torsten Klement

Head of Administration and Finances

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IT, Facilities

Steffen Rothe

Team Lead IT, Facilities

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