Executive Board and Team

Introduction to the Executive Board

The Artistic Director, Hortensia Völckers, and the Administrative Director, Kirsten Haß, constitute the Executive Board of the German Federal Cultural Foundation.


Executive Board

Hortensia Völckers

Executive Board / Artistic Director

Vita of Hortensia Völckers

Portrait photo of Hortensia Völckers, Executive Board / Artistic Director of the German Federal Cultural Foundation
Photo: Gerhard Kassner

Kirsten Haß

Executive Board / Administrative Director

Portrait photo of Kirsten Haß, Executive Board / Administrative Director of the German Federal Cultural Foundation
Photo: Lotte Ostermann



Office Artistic Director

Beate Ollesch

Berlin Office

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Franziska Schöppe

Office Administrative Director

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Officer to the Executive Board

Programme Development

Dr Jeanne Bindernagel

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Hanna Hammerich


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Funding and Programmes

Antonia Lahmé

Head of Funding and Programmes

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Dr Uwe Maximilian Korn

Evaluation Officer

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Dr Sebastian Brünger

Climate and Sustainability

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Teresa Darian

Cultural Education & dive in

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Clara-Michaela Dvorak

Assistance to 360° – Fund for New City Cultures

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Dr Anne Fleckstein

TURN2 – Artistic Co-Creation between Africa and Europe

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Dr Marie Cathleen Haff

Head of General Project Funding

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Karin Kirchhoff


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Christopher Krause


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Julia Mai

Digital Culture

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Anna Zosik

360° – Fund for New City Cultures

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Programme Administration

Hassan Soilihi Mzé

Head of Programme Administration

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Elif Müjen Alhamoud

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Friederike Glasse


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Legal Department and Human Resources

Justus Duhnkrack

Head of Legal Department and Human Resources, Legal Counsel

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Katrin Gayda

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Beatrix Kluge

Human Resources

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Alexandra Kluschke

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Ormina Maschal

Judicial Clerkship

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Friederike Tappe-Hornbostel

Head of Communications

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Administration and Finance

Torsten Klement

Head of Administration and Finances

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Project Appraisal

Steffen Schille

Head of Project Appraisal

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