General Project Funding

Submission Deadline: 31/7/2024 & 31/1/2025

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General Project Funding accepts applications from creative artists twice a year to finance projects in all artistic fields: visual and performing arts, literature, music, dance, film, photography, architecture and New Media. Up to ten million euros is allocated each year to support large, innovative projects in an international context.

The deadline for the 46th jury session is 31 July 2024. The next jury session will take place in the beginning of May 2024.

Funding Criteria

If you wish to apply for project funding, first make sure your project is eligible for funding by reading the General Funding Guidelines of the Federal Cultural Foundation and the Funding Criteria for General Project Funding.

The Federal Cultural Foundation may award funding to institutions with headquarters in Germany or abroad. Project coordinators must ensure visibility of their projects in Germany. Media produced with project funding from the Federal Cultural Foundation must also include a German-language version.

General Project Funding will only consider projects that require at least 50,000 euros and have at least 20 percent of their entire costs secured through personal capital and/or third-party financing. Only innovative projects with an international context can receive General Project Funding from the Federal Cultural Foundation.

Please note: The application form is only available on our German website and all texts within the form must be submitted in German language.

Jury sessions

Twice a year, an independent jury of experts reviews the submitted applications and selects those which it deems worthy of funding.

The following jury session will take place at the beginning of May 2024, at which the jury will consider applications submitted prior to 31 January 2024. Please note that the project must not start before the date of the jury session.

The jury is expected to decide on projects submitted between 1 February 2024 and 31 July 2024 in autumn 2024.