Choreographic Captures 2009 – 2011

Trans-disciplinary academy of contemporary dance and media production

In 2008 an international competition called on choreographers, film and media artists to submit Choreographic Captures - a new short film format that explores various forms of representation and realization of choreography and art film. In the meantime, five of the submitted clips have been distinguished and were shown at selected cinemas throughout Germany.
The model project, Choreographic Captures 2009 - 2011 has firmly established itself over the past three years. Its central component was the International Choreographic Captures competition, organized by Joint Adventures once a year. The awards ceremony and the winning film presentations took place during the Filmfest München each year. The films have then been shown during the commercial lead-up at partner cinemas in Germany throughout the year on a regular basis. In cooperation with its project partners, current and selected films in the competition were also screened at festivals, events and European cinemas. The project’s website (external link, opens in a new window)provides an interactive platform for a broad group of dance professionals and enthusiasts. The goal is to create a forum for artistic input, exchange, networking and presentation possibilities for this art form and promote interaction between choreography and media art.

Artistic director: Walter Heun
Jury members: Andreas Ströhl, Núria Font Solà (E), Frédéric Mazelly (F)

Venues and schedule:
Film screenings throughout Europe and interactive online presentation, 16 June 2009 - November 2011

Choreographic Captures – Cinematic debut

In 2012 the winning video clips of the fourth international Choreographic Captures competition have been shown at German movie theatres. Over 80 artists from 17 countries participated in the competition, initiated by the Munich-based cultural event organizer JOINT ADVENTURES. The winning clips, each less than one minute in length, have been shown during the commercial lead-up to the feature films, surprising movie-goers with “Art for those who didn’t ask for it!“


Joint Adventures

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