The Third Life of Agnès Varda

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Project description

Agnès Varda is widely regarded as one of the most influential, creative minds of modern times. The 90-year-old photographer, pioneering filmmaker and fine artist, who passed away in 2019, left behind a life’s work spanning more than six decades during which she constantly reinvented herself. Her final creative phase – her “third life as a young artist”, as she described it – is far lesser known and studied than her numerous films which she herself directed. The solo exhibition in the concrete hall of silent green is dedicated to this “third life”, which she began at the Venice Biennale at the age of 75. Never before has such a comprehensive exhibition of Varda’s works been shown in Germany. A film series at Kino Arsenal will accompany the exhibition and present films whose motifs can be found in modified form in the exhibition which cross-reference her other works. The exhibition is supplemented by a discussion programme with presentations and lecture performances on the art- and film-historical context of Varda’s work: wayfarers, theorists and artists will come to Berlin to honour and discuss her work. An accompanying catalogue will be produced for the exhibition as well.

Artistic director: Dominique Bluher
Curator: Julia Fabry
Artist: Agnès Varda
Guests of the discussion programme: Hans Ulrich Obrist, Raymond Bellour, Philippe Piguet


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Previous events

  • 10 July, 2022 to 20 July, 2022: Hommage aux Justes de France

    Silent Green, Kuppelhalle , Berlin

  • 9 June, 2022 to 20 July, 2022: Exhibition

    Silent Green, Betonhalle , Berlin

  • 6 May, 2022 to 20 July, 2022: Outdoor Installations

    Silent Green, Berlin


silent green Kulturquartier

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