Development of a digital cultural education channel with young YouTubers

Project description

Together with renowned YouTubers Marti Fischer, Christian Grässlin, Jakob Collier and Fewja - Jakob Joiko, the Stegreif Orchestra will develop a channel for digital cultural education called "Ooorchestra". Across three seasons, participants will explore new ways to approach classical music with young "digital natives". At a later symposion, participants of the event will also have the opportunity to personally contribute to the experience.

The overarching goal of the project is to develop modern ways of engaging younger audiences in the production of classical music in the digital sphere. Especially youngsters shall be empowered to discover and explore their individual perspectives on the musical arts.

The Stegreif Orchestra consists of 24 young musicians from diverse musical backgrounds. It has been exploring new performance practices in the field of classical music for several years.


Stegreif e.V.

Juri de Marco (Artistic Director)
Dauerwaldweg 1, Haus 5
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