Hybrid eccentricity – financed through the Bauhaus Today Fund

SENSEFACTORY is a new version of Laszlo Moholy-Nagy’s radical concept of “mechanical eccentricity” for our present era of sensor technology, big data and artificial intelligence. An international team of renowned artists and researchers are working on new approaches using immersive performance concepts inspired by interface design, olfactory art, computer sound, architecture and artificial intelligence. Their goal is to create an installation-based performative venue which takes the visitor on a journey through a landscape of sound, light, colours, odours, abstract projections, vibrations and pneumatic architecture, and in which visitors find themselves in a constant state of metamorphosis. This interdisciplinary sensory obstacle course is a present-day version of Moholy-Nagy’s utopian vision of a theatre of “form- and motion-based processes” of 1923. The various zones in the installation are surrounded by projection screens that display visualised visitor data. These combine the sensory elements found in Moholy-Nagy’s envisioned media – an inflatable, pneumatically controlled room which continually changes depending on the viewers present. For example, there is an olfactory station which produces scents which have never been smelled before. There is a room with strings of LED lights whose behaviour and patterns are controlled by artificial intelligence as well as the visitors’ movement and position. And there is soundscape which is produced by miniature, wireless remote-controlled instruments. The team, partners and venues are all international. The members of the artistic team include the American graphic designer and digital strategist Erik Adigard, the Norwegian-German olfactory artist Sissel Tolaas, the Canadian artist and AI researcher Sofian Audry, the American architect Alex Schweder, the German media-space developer Dietmar Lupfer, the german musician and sound artist FM Einheit and the American-Canadian artist Chris Salter.

Artistic directors: Chris Salter (CA) and Sissel Tolass
Artists: FM Einheit, Alex Schweder (US), Sofian Audy (CA)
Performance: Erik Adigard (FR)
Architect: Dietmar Lupfer

Bauhaus Today Fund – The Bauhaus 2019 commemorative year funding programme

The Federal Cultural Foundation launched the Bauhaus Today Fund to emphasise the contemporary relevance of the ideas and methods advanced by the historical school of architecture, art and design. We invite institutions in all artistic areas to explore the significance of the Bauhaus today.



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