The Weisswasser Model or the Measure of All Things

A performative use of the town Weisswasser – financed through the Bauhaus Today Fund

The performative and participative urban project “The Weisswasser Model” will stage five workshops to explore new uses for the town and tie into the artistic work conducted by the two Bauhaus students Wilhelm Wagenfeld and Ernst Neufert in Weisswasser in the 1930s and 1940s. To this day, the town represents a model for implementing the ideas of the Bauhaus in large-scale industry. In the 1930s Weisswasser was the centre of European glass production, but since German reunification, its population has shrunk by half. What is the legacy of the Bauhaus students and how can we use it to shape the future? In cooperation with the town’s residents, this project examines the everyday use of the town in the past and present and explores possibilities for its future. The results of excavated materials, surveys and interviews will be publicly presented in the form of texts, photos and films in the shop windows of vacant businesses, as LED displays and online media. Abandoned sites, such as the Glasfachschule (Glass Technical School), the Neufert-Bau, Volkshaus or former glassmaking factories, will be used as performance venues. A performative obstacle course in summer 2019 will serve to present the progress of the workshops. The project will conclude in autumn 2019 with the presentation of a documentary film and the revised website which will ensure continued access to the project’s findings as open-source material. In this way, Weisswasser can become a model for possible transformation even beyond the borders of Germany. The project’s inclusion in the international network of the Stiftung Haus Schminke will enhance the international visibility of the project, particularly in Poland and the Czech Republic.

Artistic directors: Stefan Nolte, Ruth Feindel
Dramaturgy: Hendrik Scheel
Participating artists: Constanze Fischbeck, La Hengst, Paiul Brodowsky, Lasse Myhr, Toni Jessau, Holger Schmidt, Johannes Roller, Christiane Lehmann

Bauhaus Today Fund – The Bauhaus 2019 commemorative year funding programme

The Federal Cultural Foundation launched the Bauhaus Today Fund to emphasise the contemporary relevance of the ideas and methods advanced by the historical school of architecture, art and design. We invite institutions in all artistic areas to explore the significance of the Bauhaus today.


No upcoming events at present

Previous events

  • 10 November, 2019 : Preview des Dokumentarfilms zum Projekt

    Hafenstube des SKZ Telux, Weißwasser

  • 28 June, 2019 to 29 June, 2019: Theater circuit


  • 28 June, 2019 to 29 June, 2019: Theaterparcours


  • 21 June, 2019 to 22 June, 2019: Theaterparcours


  • 15 February, 2019 to 17 February, 2019: 2. Werkstatt


  • 18 January, 2019 to 20 January, 2019: 1. Werkstatt

    MASZ-Laden, Weißwasser

  • 11 December, 2018 to 11 December, 2018: masznehmen #1

    verschiedene Orte, Weißwasser

  • 3 October, 2018 to 2 October, 2018: Kick-off event

    Hafenstube, Weißwasser

  • 3 October, 2018 to 3 October, 2018: Auftaktveranstaltung

    Hafenstube Weißwasser, Telux, Straße der Einheit 20 , Weißwasser


Neufert-Bau Weißwasser

Neufert-Bau Weißwasser
c/o Stadtverwaltung Weißwasser/ O.L.
02943 Weißwasser (external link, opens in a new window)