In the new production „Between Worlds“, the Costa Compagnie turns its attention to gerontological outsourcing, and more specifically, to the transfer of care of dementia patients from Europe to the Global South. In collaboration with academics from the universities of Vancouver, Newcastle, Mainz and Zurich, the artists of Costa Compagnie will conduct research in Germany, northern England and northern Thailand where this phenomenon has become well-established. They will interview family members, nursing care staff, patients requiring care and entrepreneurs in order to learn more about the economic structures and how they relate to the modern image of the family. To what extent does the concept of family still stand for cohesion and welfare in European societies?
The goal of the joint research process is to create an archive of interviews and  produce 360° video material. Based on their video recordings, the artists of Costa Compagnie wish to develop an immersive 360° stage projection in which the actors and musicians will perform and interact with the audience. The performances will take place at the Ballhaus Ost in Berlin, in Newcastle and Bangkok. The material will later be integrated into an installation which can be presented at partner universities or experienced as virtual reality via the Internet.

Artistic director: Felix Meyer-Christian
Artists: Philine von Düszeln, Caleb Johnston (GB), Geraldine Pratt (CA), Zahava Rodrigo, Marcus Thomas, Maria Walser, Costa Compagnie

Additional Venues:

Bangkok, Zürich, Vancouver


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    Premiere United Kingdom

    Northern Stage | Newcastle upon Tyne



    Ballhaus Ost | Berlin


costa Compagnie GbR

Falckensteinstraße 8
10997 Berlin