Over the past decades, few artworks in Germany have been so artistically and politically controversial as Hans Haacke's installation "Der Bevölkerung" ("To the People"), which was exhibited in the Berlin Reichstag in 2000. Ever since the 1960s, Haacke has been inspired by problematic institutional or financial interrelationships, which also include the mechanisms of the art market and the museum business. In his dealings with institutions, Haacke has always remained independent as an artist. This has made him a moral role model for younger generations of artists around the world. Haacke, a resident of New York City since 1965, repeatedly refused to have his works displayed in larger exhibitions for years. Unlike any living German artist, despite his absence from the international spotlight, Haacke has always been a frequently quoted, yet practically invisible symbolic figure in Germany. Only recently has he given permission for a comprehensive exhibition of his artwork in Germany - on his own terms. This exhibition has been arranged by Haacke himself as a cooperative venture between two independent institutes, the Berlin Akademie der Künste and the Hamburg Deichtorhallen, both of which will display different parts of the exhibition simultaneously.

Curators: Robert Fleck, Matthias Flügge
Cooperative partners: Akademie der Künste Berlin, Hans Haacke


Deichtorhallen Hamburg - Haus der Photographie / Aktuelle Kunst
Robert Fleck

Deichtorstraße 1-2

20095 Hamburg