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Sexuality in feminist art

Sexuality has always played a central role in art history – as a visual theme, motif and catalyst for artistic production. Yet the female perspective of eroticism in art is still the exception.
In this exhibition on sexuality in feminist art, the Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken presented works by female artists of the younger generation alongside important pieces by the first generation of feminists. These included Louise Bourgeois, whose work critically examines gender attributes and the sexual taboos connected with them, and Carolee Schneemann, whose film and video works investigate sexual desire and eroticism from a female perspective. The exhibition also featured works by Tracey Emin and Sophie Calle, two artists known for critically and provocatively exploring the themes of female desire, intimacy and sexuality. Photographic works by Herlinde Koelbl served as the starting point of the exhibition. Koelbl’s photos of men are still regarded as an extraordinary and bold example of artistic and erotic interest, the first to be expressed in such a form by a female artist.

Artistic director: Andrea Jahn
Artists: Louise Bourgeois (US), Sophie Calle (FR), Tracey Emin (GB), Alicia Framis (ES), Herlinde Koelbl, Eunice Golden (US), Mwangi Hutter (KE, DE), ORLAN (FR), Julika Rudelius, Betty Tompkins (US), Carolee Schneemann (US), Jana Sterbak (CA), Paula Winkler (DE) a.o.


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