Musical theatre for soprano, alto, speaker/rapper and chamber ensemble

The concerts, musical theatre performances and the colloquium hosted by the Rheinsberger New Music Pentecost Workshop feature a new theme every year. In 2008 the events were based on the theme of "Balance" in reference to the relationship between humans and nature. The Pentecost Workshop presented the world premiere of a multimedia musical theatre piece titled Climate. Using contrasting musical styles, the work explored the fragile balance that exists between humans and the climate on several artistic levels (music, text and video).

Artistic director: Ulrike Liedtke
Participants / artists: Ralf Hoyer, Susanne Stelzenbach, Barbara Kenneweg, Antje Kaiser, Dominik Busch, Titus Engel / Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin

Venue and schedule:
Musiktheater, Rheinsberg Castle Theatre: 9 - 25 May 2008


Musikakademie Rheinsberg
Bundes- und Landesakademie
Kavalierhaus der Schlossanlage

16831 Rheinsberg (external link, opens in a new window)