Föhrenwald Part 2

An English version of the radio play based on the installation "Föhrenwald"

The Föhrenwald settlement south of Munich has a unique history. Originally planned as a model settlement for German workers, it was used as a forced-labour camp in 1940, and after World War II, it became temporary housing for Jewish concentration camp survivors. After the last of the Jewish survivors left in 1957, displaced German families from abroad moved into the settlement. Using archived material and interviews with the residents of Föhrenwald, the artist Michaela Mélian created a polyphonic collage that tells the story of the settlement from various points of view. The radio play Föhrenwald received several awards, including the prestigious Blind War Veterans' Radio Theatre Prize. In response to the overwhelming international interest in the project, the organizers produced an English version of the radio play.

Curator: Heike Ander
Artist: Michaela Melián

Venues: USA and Israel
Schedule: begins September 2007


kunstraum muenchen e.V.

Zieblandstraße 8

80799 München

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