relations “Docking Tour”

The new relations "Docking Tour" highlights seven Eastern European cities: Chisinâu, Sofia, Pristina, Sarajevo, Warsaw, Zagreb and Ljubljana. Since 1989, these urban centres have been rapidly catching up to Western European standards. However, the processes underway in these so-called "societies in transformation" cannot be regarded as mere copies of Western models. relations aims to show the everyday life, as well as the intellectual and artistic scenes in these cities of Eastern Europe, which, in turn, force us to rethink our preconceptions concerning the "East" and the "West".

For three days at a time, an international shipping container will dock onto three major German cultural venues: the schauspielhannover, the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg and the schauspielfrankfurt.

Inside the container, visitors will be able to watch TV broadcasts from all the participating cities, such as the news, talk shows, series and top-rated shows. The presentation will be supplemented by long-term footage and unedited videos of typical locations in these cities, produced as part of the relations projects. For those who wish to become more closely acquainted with the daily and cultural life of these cities can follow the cables and utility lines out of the container and into the theatres. There, in a relations lounge, visitors will have the opportunity to view a comprehensive show portraying the various artistic and cultural scenes in each country.

The evening events represent the heart of the "Docking Tour", during which fine artists, musicians, theatre-makers, writers, journalists and theorists from Germany and Eastern Europe will discuss their own and foreign positions.