Crossing 68/89

Evening of events on the “Protest, Reform and Cultural Upheaval in Prague and Berlin” at the Berlin Academy of the Arts

The year "1968" brings to mind various incidents, experiences, and life-altering events in both Eastern and Western Europe. "Crossing 68/89" focused on Prague Spring and the protests of the student movement in the West in their European and global contexts. Witnesses, historians, cultural critics and artists presented their perspectives of Prague Spring and the student protests in Western Europe during a long evening of performances, discussions, concerts and readings.
The evening began with a discussion featuring well-known individuals of the 1968 movements. The invited guests included Jirí Dienstbier, Jirí Gruša, Lionel Jospin, Adam Michnik, Oskar Negt and Friedrich Schorlemmer. They described the events of 1968 from their own perspective and portray how differently they proceeded throughout Europe - in Prague, Berlin, Warsaw and Paris.
This was followed by a series of performances and discussions based on the international impact of the late 1960s pop culture, its icons and legends. What do these images and icons convey to us today? What spirit does the music of that period still possess? Is there a connection between the Velvet Underground and Velvet Revolution? Or between protest songs and reunification pop music?

This event was held in cooperation with the Academy of the Arts, the Sophiensaele, the Center for Contemporary History Research Potsdam and the German-Czech Discussion Forum.

The event began with an address by the German Federal Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

The forum "Crossing 68/89. Reform and Revolution in Prague and Berlin" at the Berlin Academy of the Arts will kick off a two-year exchange project titled “68/89” at which German and Czech theatre people, historians and artists will examine and discuss the European events of 1968 and 1989.

"68/89" is part of the project Zipp - German-Czech Cultural Projects.

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