Everything will change

Personal stories of Prague Spring and the West German student revolts by Germans and Czechs. A theatre production funded through Zipp – German-Czech Cultural Projects / Thematic focus “68/89 – Art.Contemporary.History.”

"Everything will change," predicted Thorsten Trimpop. In this theatre piece Trimpop presented true personal stories by Germans and Czechs whose lives were impacted by the year 1968 - including the twins Gisela Getty and Jutta Winkelmann. The documentary play featured an ensemble of contemporary witnesses and their personal memories, presented contradictory opinions and portrayed the significance of that time.

Director: Thorsten Trimpop
Participants: Gisela Getty, Jutta Winkelmann, Vaclav Trojan and others

Schedule and venues:
30.10.2008 Kampnagel, Jarrestraße 20, 22303 Hamburg, premiere
Additional performances: 31.10.-2.11.2008 Kampnagel Hamburg, 15.11.2008 Centrum experimentalního divadla, Brno, 17-18.11.2008 Archa Theatre Prague, 17.04.2009 Žilina, 20.-21.04.2009 Archa Theater Prag, 23.04.2009 Centrum experimentalního divadla, Brno, 26.04.2009 Theater Stanica, Žilina-Zárecie

“Everything will change” is funded through Zipp – German-Czech Cultural Projects.

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