Human Is

A re-examination of humanism via the orbit of science fiction

project description

The sixth global mass extinction event has begun. It is the first of its kind caused by humans. The effects of the Anthropocene are now evident worldwide and it appears that in order to save life on Earth, something in our actions and thinking has got to give. In view of these challenges, the Schinkel Pavilion is organising a group exhibition that explores new models of coexistence. “Human Is” aims to sensitise the public to the problematic issues of Eurocentric views of identity and technological projects, and tease apart such dualisms as human/nature, male/female, and white/non-white.

The exhibition presents a collection of artistic works from the areas of science fiction and Afrofuturism, including numerous new productions. The name of the exhibition alludes to that of a short story by the science fiction writer Philip K. Dick, who envisioned kindness and cooperation at the centre of human coexistence. The science philosopher Donna Haraway takes this thought a step further and calls for a more radical form of kinship with other life forms in an age she calls the Chthulucene. In addition to featuring Afrofuturistic visions by Black Quantum Futurism, the Otolith Group and Metthew Angelo Harrison, the exhibition discusses the existence of simultaneous realities with Gretchen Bender and Liu Chuang, transhumanism with Tishan Hsu and Pinar Yoldas, and imagines outer space with Halil Altındere as an alternative refuge for migrants.

The exhibition is accompanied by a thematically diverse discussion programme, including films, lectures and panel discussions with international theorists.

Artistic director: Nina Pohl
Artists: Laurie Anderson, Gretchen Bender, Dora Budor, Liu Chuang, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Tishan Hsu, Mike Kelley, Tau Lewis, Diane Severin Nguyen, Sondra Perry and others

Group exhibition: Schinkel Pavilion, Berlin: 1 Apr. – 31 Jul. 2023


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