Project description

The “LibSatellite” – a futuristically designed mobile branch of the Giessen municipal library – will pay a visit to four city districts of Giessen in three tours and invite residents to share their visions of the future with their urban community. Each tour will have a different theme (“Me.HUMAN”, “Me.ENVIRONMENT” and “Me.WORK”) which the LibSatellites will highlight with various media, discussions, concerts and performances. The participating writers are free to choose the form and language of their texts – a dictation option will also be available. All the texts will be compiled and presented in real time on a special website, which users can view and search using keyword filters. At the municipal library, the evolving texts and keywords will be displayed on a centrally located screen which itself will provide further inspiration for participative and artistic formats.

The joint project with the Giessen Literature Centre, the Zellkultur – Office for Applied Culture and Education, and other partners located in the respective city quarters will conclude with a large event at the municipal library, highlighting the recurring themes which reflect what is most important to the urban community.

Partners: Giessen Literature Centre, Zellkultur – Office for Applied Culture and Education, Workshop Church of Giessen, Diakonie, Centre for Intercultural Education and Encounter, Justus Liebig University

hochdrei – Changing City Libraries

With its programme "hochdrei – Changing City Libraries" the Federal Cultural Foundation aims to strengthen city libraries as cooperative and participatory cultural locations.


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Giessen municipal library

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