Vùng biên gió'i

A theatre project between Dresden and Prague, funded through Zipp – German-Czech Cultural Projects

The project Vùng biên gió'i took the theatre artists in Rimini Protokoll to Dresden and Prague, or more specifically, to the region between these cities and along the German-Czech border. The performers were taking an extremely precise look at the towns along this route and created a performance that examined the tensions, differences and relations in the region.

Artists: Rimini Protokoll (Helgard Haug, Daniel Wetzel)
Premieres: 9 - 11 October 2009 Staatsschauspiel Dresden, 9/10 November 2009 Prague National Theatre / Nová scéna

Vùng biên gió'i is a project funded through Zipp – German-Czech Cultural Projects.

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