Brasil move Berlim

Festival of contemporary Brazilian dance

The democratization of Brazil following the end of its military dictatorship helped create a dynamic dance scene which contributes greatly to shaping the cultural identity of the country.
In Brazil, dance is regarded as the genre which reflects the changes in society most radically. Its spectrum of themes ranges from traditional forms of popular culture to life in the metropolises in the south. It incorporates its own traditions and existing dance forms while artistically examining the social and political reality in Brazil.
Brasil Move Berlim 2009 featured groups from various corners of Brazil, including Piauí, where a strong, new dance movement deals with local rituals and social conditions which are considered reactionary.
An exhibition of contemporary art from Brazil ran parallel to the dance festival and presented works which combine aspects of the fine arts and dance. The festival also held dance workshops and discussions between choreographers, cultural policymakers and journalists in hopes of presenting a new view of Brazil and its cultural diversity.

Artistic director: Wagner Pereira de Carvalho (BR), Co-director: Björn Dirk Schlüter
Participating artists: Cia. Marcelo Evelin, Cia. Fauller, Cia. Letícia Nabuco, Cia. Denise Stutz, Cia. Jorge Alencar, cia. Margô Assis, Cia. Dança Inclusiva, cia. De Dança da Cidade, Sandra Meyer, Arnaldo Siqueira, Christiane Galdino, Inês Bogéa, Susi Martinelli, Patrícia Avellar, Marta Isacson, Roberto Pereira (all BR).

Schedule and venue:
16-26 Apr. 2009 Theater Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin


Kulturprojekte Berlin

Klosterstraße 68-70

10179 Berlin (external link, opens in a new window)