New Realities

Theatre and global reality design

Artistic directors: Kathrin Tiedemann, Frank Raddatz
Participants: International WOW Company - NY (USA), matthaei & konsorten / Lukas Matthaei, various experts (USA, GB)
Venues: Düsseldorf: FFT Juta, FFT Kammerspiele
Schedule: 7 - 17 Sep. 2006

The Düsseldorf Forum Freies Theater will produce the world premieres of two contemporary political theatre pieces which portray social reality in the age of globalisation. The German-American co-production Death of Nations - Your Heart Attacks You featuring the New York International WOW Company explores the connection between constructs of reality and cultural identity in a global context. The piece Vom richtigen Leben, directed by Lukas Matthaei, portrays the lives of individuals, i.e., people in Düsseldorf, and shows how international events have shaped their lives.


Forum Freies Theater e.V.

Jahnstraße 3

40215 Düsseldorf