Radar.Institute of Performative Research

A Doppelpass-funded project by the Theater Kiel and “lunatiks production”

Radar.Institut für Performative Recherche

Theater Kiel and the independent theatre and performance collective “lunatiks production” have jointly established the Radar.Institute of Performative Research. The institute wished to test and analyse methods of performative research, city-specific theatrical production and documentary work. The goal was to create an experimental arrangement for new forms of artistic work and performative investigation of the city using theatrical means. The project began in december 2012 with the installation of a walk-in “silence capsule” situated in especially noisy and hectic locations in downtown Kiel. Passers-by were asked to enter the capsules and listen to invited guests tell stories which had made them silent – followed by several minutes of sitting in silence together. Other projects followed with performances targeted at young people, senior citizens and theatre employees. The project also produced a play about the “Dream City Kiel” and another about the extremes in Kiel’s sporting environment.


Theater Kiel
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