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The Meininger Theater owes its reputation in large part to a duke who was a passionate art enthusiast. Thanks to reforms implemented by Duke George II of Saxony-Meiningen (1826–1914), the theatre became an international model for a new type of “director’s theatre” in both financial and aesthetic terms. He instituted a set of guidelines called the “Meininger Principles” which called for the faithful interpretation and presentation of literary and musical works. Following guest performances by the Meininger Theater in 38 cities, these principles were adopted by other theatres throughout Europe during the 19th century and eventually around the world. Almost 150 years later the Staatstheater Meiningen has invited world theatre to Meiningen and thus strengthened its international ties once again. To this end, the theatre hosted a new festival in Meiningen featuring contemporary productions of the classical theatre repertoire. At the first edition in 2019, the festival has focused on productions from France. Together with the Théâtre National de Toulouse, the Meininger Staatstheater has developed a new production of Goethe’s “Stella”. The Bulgarian general theatre director of the Théâtre National de Toulouse, Galin Stoev, has also staged the production. A multifaceted accompanying programme has been offered at locations around the city. These included an exhibition at the Theater Museum featuring historical and contemporary set design models, costumes, photos and projections. The festival has also presented large-scale projections of works by the French photographer and set designer Noémie Goudal at various public venues in downtown Meiningen. Directors, playwrights and theatre experts have participated in a symposium to discuss to what extent the “Meininger Principles” could be applied to theatre in the future.

Project and artistic director: Christa Mittelsteiner (FR)
Cooperation project: Théâtre National de Toulouse Midi-Pyrénées – R. Galin Stoev (FR)
Guest performances: Cheek by Jowl – R. Declan Donnellan (GB), Cie L’aurore boréale – R. Jacques Osinski (FR), Heidelberger Theater und Orchester – R. Victor Bodo, La Compagnie JMR – R. Jean-Michel Rabeux (FR), OKT/Vilnius City Theater – R.Oskaras Korsunovas (LT)
Artist: Noémie Goudal (FR)


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Previous events

  • 4 April, 2019 to 14 April, 2019: International theatre festival and symposium

    Staatstheater, Meiningen

  • 4 April, 2019 to 14 April, 2019: Internationales Theaterfestival und Symposium

    Staatstheater, Meiningen

  • 3 April, 2019 to 28 April, 2019: Exhibition

    Staatstheater, Meiningen


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