The United Pasts

A joint project by geheimagentur and the Landestheater Schwaben – funded by the Doppelpass Fund

The present increasingly disintegrates into dazzling shards of topicality which remain unconnected and leave no trace behind; it fractures into moments which neither announce themselves nor linger.

In order to counter such ephemerality, the geheimagentur and the Landestheater Schwaben are making an appeal to dismantle the boundaries of the present through active future-oriented archaeology. They support Alexander Kluge’s claim that the experiences of individuals can reveal the potential of an alternative course of world events. Because these stories of everyday life do not seamlessly enter into the great narratives of world history, they contain a utopian energy of possibility. This energy is what shall drive the power plant of the future, “The United Pasts”.

Starting in Memmingen, the project will stretch an energy grid across the entire country. The organisers will embark on an archaeological research trip to Allgäu where they will collect personal stories and objects. The relics and “resources” of the past will then be fused together at the “United Pasts” power plant to create futuristic alternatives. In a performative forum, these future energies – intended to challenge the present – will be released.


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