by Tianzhuo Chen

Project description

The works by the Chinese artist Tianzhuo Chen form links between tradition and modernity, visual arts and theatre, live art, music and video art. His new production “Trance” is a twelve-hour visually bombastic theatre event which the director and visual artist is now developing for Kampnagel in Hamburg.

Tianzhuo Chen’s installative piece which interweaves elements of dance, performance, visual arts and music, plays on various cultural perceptions and concepts of time. The audience can move freely through the installation and experience a series of tableaus, scenes and settings in which motifs of Far Eastern spirituality intermingle with a kaleidoscope of digital images. Chen’s choreographic concepts are inspired by ritual dance styles as well as global, contemporary club culture. Thematically, the director focuses on current developments in China and combines them with science fiction stories of the early 20th century. He contrasts the imagined future of early science fiction with the techno-futuristic feel of the present day. Biotechnological and neuroscientific trends, cloning and increasing prevalence of surveillance technology through artificial intelligence are themes which are highlighted in the performance. Following its world premiere at Kampnagel, the production will be shown at a number of other festivals in Europe.

Artistic director / stage director: Tianzhuo Chen
Dramaturgy: Petra Pölzl
Choreography: Ylva Falk
Production: Johannes Maile
Composition/music: Felix-Florian Tödtloff, Will Ballantyne
Artists: Akihiko Tanada, KHNG KHAN, Ican Harem, Lavinia Vago, Ndoho Ange, Siko Setyanto, Yousuke Yukimatsu and others


No upcoming events at present

Previous events

  • 2 June, 2022 to 4 June, 2022: Performances

    Kampnagel, Hamburg


Kampnagel Internationale Kulturfabrik GmbH

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