Founded in Mannheim in 2003, the successful international festival Wonders of the Prairie presented in 2011 contemporary works by young artists who explore the overlap of performance, dance, theatre and the fine arts. This year’s festival offered a wide range of actions, installations and interventions which examined how and to what extent contemporary artists incorporate current issues into their works, e.g. economic and tax policies, the progressive destruction of our environment, etc. With the help of artistic approaches and the citizens of Mannheim, the festival aimed to create open discussion forums and developed scenarios for the future. It investigated the visionary power of art and encouraged the discussion about the function of visions in art. The festival has initiated new co-productions between theatres and festivals in Germany and the Benelux countries in an effort to expand and strengthen its international network of contacts.

Artistic director and curators: Gabriele Oßwald, Wolfgang Sautermeister, Tilo Schwarz, Artists: Bill Aitchison (GB), David Weber-Krebs (BE), Igor Grubic (HR), Jacob Wren (CA), Georg Winter, Herbordt/Mohren, Agata Maszkiewicz (AT), Doris Uhlich (AT), Jeffery Byrd (US), Ottmar Wagner (AT) and others



Hafenstraße 68

68159 Mannheim