Ludwig Wittgenstein

Localizing a genius - Exhibition at the Schwules Museum Berlin

In commemoration of the 60th anniversary of his death, this exhibition on Ludwig Wittgenstein’s life and works featured a wide array of media-based installations. In addition to situating the content of his works in European cultural and intellectual history, the exhibition took visitors to the places where he lived and worked in Austria, England and Norway. In order to vividly illustrate Wittgenstein’s working style, methods and philosophical theories, the exhibition drew on an extensive pool of original material from his writings, diaries and correspondence. The dialogical form of the exhibition conveyed his philosophy as a living process – in much in the same way Wittgenstein developed his theories with colleagues, friends and siblings in intensive exchange.
With a series of accompanying events which reflected on current scientific discourse, the curators visualized the many facets of Wittgenstein’s work and illustrated the relevance of his theories on contemporary scientific disciplines.

Curators: Kristina Jaspers, Jan Drehmel

Venue and schedule:
Schwules Museum Berlin, 18 March – 13 June 2011


Schwules Museum

Mehringdamm 61

10961 Berlin (external link, opens in a new window)