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Project description

Since the beginning of European history, Italy and Germany have fostered a close relationship in terms of trade and culture. Their dynamic relationship is marked by mutual appeal and fascination, but also incomprehension. Based on the motto “Between the Shores”, this literary project invites 20 distinguished Italian and German authors, e.g. Juliane Blech, Nele Heyse, Nadia Terranova, Saša Stanišić, Roberto Alaimo and Dome Bulfaro to Aschersleben to jointly ponder such themes as travel, curiosity about the unfamiliar, flight and foreignness. Working in pairs in an open artistic process, they will develop a bilingual collection of texts which will subsequently be illustrated by graphic artists, many of whom live in Halle an der Saale, Germany. Each pair will begin with an excerpt of text in their native language, which will then be translated into the other language and completed by the other writing partner. These will be presented in public readings in both languages, then compiled and published as an originally illustrated book. A unique feature of the project is the inclusion of more than 600 school children who will finish the authors’ texts in a style appropriate to their age. The exercise will result in up to 40 variations of the same text which could be published in the form of a website, podcast, film script, cartoon or e-book. The pupils will also participate in writing and art workshops where they will learn all the steps required for producing a book – from the initial idea to illustrations, cover design and bookbinding. The results of the project will be presented from January to June 2023 in exhibitions staged in Aschersleben, Halle, Berlin, Rome, Torino and Palermo.

Artistic directors: Sven Großkreutz, Maria Giuliana
Authors: Roberto Alaimo & Carl Elze, Dome Bulfaro & Andre Schinkel, Mariangela Gualtieri & Jaroslav Rudis, Nadia Terranova & Simone Buchholz, Lorenzo Monfregola & Nele Heyse, and others
Artists: Colette Dörrwand, Birgit Domke, Olaf Ulbricht, Sven Großkreutz, Simone Henninger, Manuela Homm, Tobias Jeschke, Rita Lass, Nicole Lehmann and others

Aschersleben literature project: art and science workshops of the city of Aschersleben, Aschersleben, Halle, Berlin, Rome, Torino, Palermo: 3 Jan. 2022 – 30 Jun. 2023


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