Choreographic Captures 2008 – 2009

Trans-disciplinary academy of contemporary dance and media production

In spring 2008 the project began with a competition for choreographers, video artists and filmmakers who were asked to combine dance with new media formats. The competition called for short artistic films in the form of a commercial no longer than 60 seconds in duration. The challenge was to apply artistic methods from dance, choreography and film to the commercial format - which is practically omnipresent in cinemas, television and the Internet - and redefine it with no advertising message.

The five winning "Choreographic Captures" were shown at selected cinemas throughout Germany from 27 November 2008 until October 2009. Because of their aesthetic uniqueness and unusual placement - in the middle of the commercial intro - the "Choreographic Captures" were able to surprise audiences by breaking with today's viewing conventions.

Artistic director: Walter Heun
Prize winners: Anna Dubrovska "Rush" (LV), Philippe Saire "Faire diversion" (CH), Zec Zeljko Jancic "Waterish" (HR), Wayne McGregor "Tremor" (GB), Alex Reuben "Que pasa" (GB)

Schedule and venues:
27 Nov. 2008 - 31 Oct. 2009 film presentation at selected cinemas throughout Germany

Project website

The project website features all the prize-winning submissions, detailed information about the films and artists, and a list of the participating cinemas. (external link, opens in a new window)


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