in arbeit / w toku / en construction / lavori in corso

Chain of filmed interviews by Cinéma copains GbR, Berlin – Funded in the „Future of Labour“ fund

According to the participants of Cinéma copains, "If working society is in a crisis today, then it's primarily because economic thinking has been applied to every area of human activity. There is nothing more absurd than to expect solutions from a discourse that presents a catalogue of demands based on economic premises and determines what we - society, workers and non-workers - have to do to preserve the 'limited resource of jobs'." The Cinéma copains has developed a project which emphasizes not so much the economic, but cultural and social aspects of the significance of our occupations. In other words, it examines what we want - and not simply look for ways to end the crisis. The project "in arbeit / w toku / en construction / lavori in corso" is a film series produced in 2007 and 2008, in which individuals from the fields of music, agriculture, art, journalism, sociology, philosophy, etc., discuss strategies and projects which aim to develop other occupational forms. The project featured a chain of filmed interviews in which each interviewed person suggested another person for the next interview (12 to 15 people in total). By documenting each link in the chain, the organizers intended to build an archive with the film material.

Artistic directors: Arne Hector, Minze Tummescheidt


Arne Hector
Minze Tummescheidt

Cinéma copains GbR

Schönhauser Allee 58 a

10437 Berlin