Magazin 33 - AR

Augmented Reality App with Magazine 33 “Interfaces"

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In the spirit of its Digital Culture programme, the Federal Cultural Foundation is exploring digital technologies and in particular the interaction between analogue and digital formats. In this sense, Magazin 33 is an experiment. For the first time, augmented reality technology has been integrated to further expand its reach into digital space.

App Magazin 33 – AR

The app Magazin 33 AR accompanies the magazine as an augmented reality project. Using the app, readers can access digital content related to individual articles in the magazine. These include 3D avatars, short films, digital poetry and literature, experimental music, a meme gallery and much more.

Artistic work SUPER_ID

The 3D avatars that appear in the app Magazin 33 AR contain references to the artistic work SUPER_ID, developed exclusively for Magazin 33 by the artist and designer Tristan Schulze – from the original idea to the final programming. With Schulze’s app, users can create digital avatars in the form of masks which are generated from biometrical data and voice input. SUPER_ID is a protected (data) sphere where users can playfully create their own avatar and become acquainted with themes of digital identity, biometrics, encryption and augmented reality.

Tristan Schulze also developed the SUPER_ID Generator. This app allows users to create 3D avatars which are not derived from voice input and biometrics.

Further information

The app Magazin 33 – AR

The supplementary AR app for Magazin 33 can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The apps SUPER_ID and SUPER_ID Generator

Tristan Schulze’s artistic work SUPER_ID and SUPER_ID Generator can be downloaded for free from the artist’s website.

How to use the app Magazin 33 – AR"

First place the print copy of Magazin 33 in front of you. After you open the app on your device, click the button “START AR” which you will find on the home screen. This will automatically generate an image on the display using the integrated front camera on your device. Now hold your device over any blue-patterned surface in the magazine. The digital content will appear as soon as the camera recognises the field.

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  • 5 November, 2019 : Launch of Magazin 33 with AR

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