transmediale 2023

Festival for art and digital culture

1 to 5 February 2023

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The transmediale is one of the most important festivals of art and digital culture in the world. It is also part of a select group of outstanding German cultural institutions which receives special funding from the Federal Cultural Foundation. For more than 30 years, the transmediale has brought international artists, researchers, activists and thinkers together to develop new perspectives on our technological age.

a model, a map, a fiction

After supplementing its programme with over a year of analogue and digital events in response to pandemic-related restrictions in 2021 and 2022, the transmediale festival is returning to its distinctive, several-day format again in 2023. Entitled “a model, a map, a fiction”, the transmediale will transform the Akademie der Künste (AdK) into a venue for discussions, workshops, exhibitions, performances and films. The five-day festival of art and digital culture aims to explore how much influence scaling technologies exert on interpersonal relationships, feelings, society and politics. A broad range of discussion formats and artistic interventions will invite festival goers to discuss and reflect on ideas related to scaling and computational logic, as well as the manipulative power they hold.

The 36th edition of the festival features a selection of artistic works and contributions which explore new possibilities of scaling, offer alternative approaches to systems of measurement, and challenge conventional patterns of thought and perception. In the central exhibition in the main hall of the AdK, Alan Butler and Simone C. Niquille question the socio-political repercussions of computer vision – a technology that enables computers to harvest relevant information from digital images by means of artificial intelligence.

Out of Scale

The transmediale will stage its first-ever, citywide exhibition entitled “Out of Scale”, parallel to its festival programme at the Akademie der Künste. The exhibition will embed artistic works in the city’s networks and infrastructures, including on subway info screens, in selected gardens and parks, after-hours shops (Spätis) and on an online platform for classified ads.

The Federal Cultural Foundation has funded the transmediale as a cultural beacon since 2004.

Artistic director: Nora O Murchú

Further information

Transmediale Website

In addition to its “Almanac for Refusal”, launched in 2021, and a comprehensive search engine for finding artists and events, the transmediale website serves as a multifaceted online platform of essays, audio and video clips, and digital artworks. The website also contains an archive, documenting all the previous editions of the transmediale since 1997.




CTM Festival 2023 – Portals

The 24th edition of the transmediale’s partner festival, CTM – Festival for Adventurous Music and Art, will take place in Berlin from 27 January to 5 February 2023. Entitled “Portals”, the festival presents music as a gateway to new realities and highlights the ability of sound and music to transport listeners to other worlds. This year’s festival will focus on the electronic music scene of Southeast Asia and collaborations between African and German artists.


Vorspiel 2023

"Vorspiel" is a joint project by the transmediale and CTM festivals, highlighting the richness and diversity of Berlin’s independent project venues and artists’ projects in the fields of music and sound, the visual arts and media art. This year’s "Vorspiel" comprises 78 project venues, galleries and art locations throughout the city. From 20 January to 5 February 2023, the programme will present digital art and culture, experimental music and sound art and offer opportunities for encounter and dialogue.


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  • 1 February, 2023 to 5 February, 2023: Festival for art and digital culture

    with exhibition, film and discourse programme and citywide artistic interventions

    Akademie der Künste, citywide , Berlin


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