All in one night


Falk Richter's play "All. In one night" (Alles. In einer Nacht) portrays the dissolution and re-creation of identities through an arrangement of photos, films and text. The play examines the paradoxical nature of a female character whose role remains ambiguous throughout the play. In her search for love, she slips into a variety of roles. Her language is completely comprised of quotes from films and play dialogues, e.g., "Wild at Heart" by David Lynch and Jean Cocteau's "The Human Voice".

Applicant: Die Freien Komödianten e.V., Halle/Saale (Saxony-Anhalt)
Project partner: theaterhaus Stuttgart e.V., (Baden-Württemberg)
Venues: Halle/Saale, Stuttgart
Project schedule: rehearsals: 15 February - 14 March 2004, premiere in Halle: 23 April 2004, premiere in Stuttgart: September 2004