Children in East and West


The project partners have planned twelve radio broadcasts, six of which will be designed as a radio magazine, two as moderated broadcasts and another four as radio play broadcasts. The programme will be created by and for children who will artistically portray and document differences between East and West Germany, such as past experiences, cultural differences and perception. In each broadcast, the children will describe the world they live in, their culture and home. How much do children know about the stories, poems, songs and games of their peers in the other half of Germany? With media-pedagogical support, the children will be able to develop the radio broadcasts themselves. Through the assistance of participating children's museums (such as the Atlantis Children's Museum in Duisburg, additional children's museums are welcome to participate), the children will have the opportunity to show the games they play, make music and sing songs. Together with radio professionals, they will visit the remnants of the Berlin Wall and interview contemporary witnesses. As a final project, the children will create a visual presentation of the project which will be displayed in children's museums. RADIJOJO! (VHF, digital, cable) and the multimedia department at the Atlantis Children's Museum are responsible for producing and distributing the broadcasts in the radio and Internet.
Additional radio stations are urged to cooperate together with Radio frei (Erfurt) and Radio Lotte Weimar.

Applicant: RADIJOJO! gGmbH, Berlin (headquartered in East Berlin)
Project partner: German Children's Museum Foundation, Duisburg (North Rhine-Westphalia)
Venues: Berlin, Duisburg
Project schedule: 2004 (3-month production period, 6-month exhibition, 3-year radio presentation)