Icarus East-West


Together with the Association to Promote Art & Culture in the CUBUS Kunsthalle, the Winckelmann Society has developed a large exhibition titled Icarus East-West. Despite its controversial nature, exhibitions on this subject have been shown in both East and West Germany. This is the first exhibition which will address the topic of Icarus from a pan-German perspective. Using the ancient Icarus myth as its main focus, the exhibition aims to examine the various ways the myth was artistically addressed and instrumentalised in a divided Germany. The exhibition will feature approximately 80 artists and 150 paintings, graphic arts works, sculptures, installations and video art. Following Stendal and Duisburg, the exhibition will now be shown in Gotha and Wasserburg.

Applicant: Winckelmann Society e.V., Stendal (Saxony-Anhalt)
Project partner: Association to Promote Art & Culture in the CUBUS Kunsthalle, Duisburg (North Rhine-Westphalia)
Venues: Stendal, Duisburg, Gotha, Wasserburg
Project schedule: June 2004 to April 2005
4 July - 20 September 2004 in Stendal in the Winckelmann Museum
11 December 2004 - 6 February 2005 in Gotha (Castle Friedenstein)
18 February 2005 - 27 March 2005 in Duisburg (CUBUS Kunsthalle)
10 April 2 2005 - 16 May 2005 in Wasserburg (Galerie Gansahaus)