Interdepen Dance


The dance festivals "Westend" (Leipzig) and "Bonntanzt" (Bonn) organised an exchange programme between artists from Bonn and Leipzig in hopes of discovering whether there was an East and West German point of view regarding dance. Although the participating artists and productions are generally well-received on a local level, they receive little recognition from the national dance scene. The goal of this festival was to overcome the drawbacks of local dance scenes by promoting cooperation and joint projects between dancers and choreographers from West and East Germany.

Applicant: Verein für Internationale Theatererkundungen e.V., Leipzig (Saxony)
Project partner: Theater der Bundesstadt Bonn (North Rhine-Westphalia)
Venues: Bonn, Halle Beul, ANIMAX
Leipzig, Schaubühne, LOFFT & Umgebung
Project schedule: 24 April - 9 May 2004