The project Kraut! was initiated and conceived by the Berlin-based designer team "" together with the Hamburg Institut für Raumfragen, an independent laboratory which develops innovative approaches to urban phenomena and temporary architecture. Kraut! assumed that there were many people out there who had something important to say - people who had questions, energy and a voice. Kraut! collected these individual voices and topics and preserved them in a "picture book" about Germany. Kraut! was a newsstand, newspaper and "speakers' corner" on wheels. Every day at selected locations, the organisers produced and published a newspaper inside this 2.5 m x 4 m vehicle. A modified issue of the newspaper was also published on the Internet at

Applicant:, Berlin
Project partner: Institut für Raumfragen, Hamburg
Venues: Berlin-Lichtenberg, Hoyerswerda, Leipzig, Bayreuth, Deggendorf, Neuschwanstein, Konstanz, Stammheim, Frankfurt/Main, Koblenz, Bonn, Nürburgring, Essen, Wolfsburg, Soltau, Venlo, Stade, Heiligendamm, Binz, Berlin-Mitte
Project schedule: 3 May - 4 October 2004