tracking talents

digital & sustainable fashion futures for crafts and design – gefördert im Fonds Bauhaus heute

How can we apply the ideas and methods of the Bauhaus developed 100 years ago to the challenges of digital transformation where art, design, handicrafts and education overlap? How can we use these to stimulate viable, innovative ideas to address our current and future social problems? This international project offers potential solutions to such questions where sustainable fashion design, digitalisation in the field of handcrafted textiles and the educational ideas of the Bauhaus meet, where “proficiency in one’s craft” is indispensable to every artist and designer. In recognition of the far-reaching impact digitalisation has had on the design and production process, “tracking talents” examines the societal challenge of shrinking populations and the resulting scarcity of young, talented professionals in a formerly prospering textile branch at the birthplace of the Bauhaus in the Weimar region. The project will introduce a broad segment of the public to the attractiveness and innovative character of complex manufacturing processes. The selected themes will be presented using future-oriented fashion design from Germany, France and Finland in close cooperation and in an open educational process with regional manufacturers in Apolda and the surrounding Weimar region. The project will also feature a multifaceted programme of educational activities targeted at younger visitors. In the spirit of the Bauhaus, which predominantly focused on designing objects of everyday life, the project hopes to encourage this young target group to reflect on the significance of digitalisation for the future of labour, design processes, production and sustainability.

Artistic directors: Clara Leskovar and Doreen Schulz

Bauhaus Today Fund – The Bauhaus 2019 commemorative year funding programme

The Federal Cultural Foundation launched the Bauhaus Today Fund to emphasise the contemporary relevance of the ideas and methods advanced by the historical school of architecture, art and design. We invite institutions in all artistic areas to explore the significance of the Bauhaus today.


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Previous events

  • 15 September, 2019 to 10 May, 2020: Exhibition

    GlockenStadtMuseum, Apolda

  • 6 July, 2019 to 6 July, 2019: Fashion show


  • 7 June, 2019 to 4 August, 2019: Exhibition

    Kunstgewerbemuseum, Berlin


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