YUNIK – Conference on Cultural Education

Taking a position in times of polarisation

Conference in Leipzig

The YUNIK Conference on Cultural Education will take place at HALLE 14 – Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst in Leipzig from 18 to 20 May 2022. Cultural educators are invited to discuss ways to “take a position” in cultural education measures with children and adolescents and jointly address questions regarding identity, representation and our social coexistence.


Project description

Cultural educators are being increasingly confronted with questions concerning identity, representation and social coexistence. Many feel called upon to “take a position” and stand up for democratic values. The YUNIK conference aims to examine and discuss this new self-image with all participants. What role should cultural education assume if it wants to have an impact at and between different social factions? What kind of practical support do cultural educators require? And what does “taking a position” mean in contexts of cultural education?

YUNIK provides insights on contemporary topics, praxis-oriented debates and inspiration for everyday cultural education work at institutions, projects and programmes, and especially for the people working behind the scenes.

YUNIK creates networking opportunities for cultural mediators and cultural educators in academic and cultural institutions, administrative bodies, the scientific sector and civil society.

YUNIK is the next generation of the highly successful conference series “Children to Olympus!”, a nationwide discussion and exchange platform that has brought stakeholders together from the cultural education sector since 2004. Held every two years, the conference offers participants the chance to shape the field of cultural education and define important impulses for the future. The Cultural Foundation of German States, the Federal Agency for Civic Education and the Federal Cultural Foundation have agreed to continue and further develop their joint initiative for cultural education under the new title YUNIK.

The Federal Agency for Civic Education, the Federal Cultural Foundation and the Cultural Foundation of German States are organising YUNIK 2022 in cooperation with the city of Leipzig/Dept. of Culture and the Saxon State Ministry of Justice and for Democracy, European Affairs and Gender Equality.




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