Altenburg: Small-Town Europe.

An Artistic and Cultural-Topographic Anthology. Multi-media exhibition on the town and region of Altenburg


Altenburg is located just outside Leipzig and is one of the lesser known architectural jewels among Germany's small towns. Altenburg's development in the 2nd half of the 20th century was the topic of an exhibition at the Lindenau Museum, one of the cultural beacons listed in the blue book of nationally significant cultural institutions in eastern Germany. The exhibition featured a multi-media presentation of this East German town, highlighting processes which could have taken place elsewhere in Europe. Altenburg's recent history is one of economic, social, demographic and cultural loss - past, present and future - which requires strategies of resistance, compensation and preservation. The curators worked together with fine artists, scholars and writers to examine the bright and dark sides of this town, and presented their findings in the context of European developments. The curators also intended to involve the town's residents in the project.

Curators: Jutta Penndorf, Matthias Flügge, Wolfgang Kil
Artists and writers: Gerhard Altenbourg, Marius Babias, Laura Horelli, Marta DoehlerBehzadi / Iris Reuther, Aymeric Fouquez, Moritz Götze, Annett Gröschner / Arwed Messmer, Ivan Kafka, Walter Libuda, Ulrich Lindner, Wiebke Loeper, Maix Mayer, Olaf Nicolai, niko31, Osmar Osten (Bodo Münzner), Dan Perjovschi, Markus Raetz, Wolfram A. Scheffler, Peter Schnürpel, Strawalde, Andreas Ullrich, Norbert Wartig, Olaf Wegewitz, Ulrich Wüst;

Venues and schedule:
Lindenau Museum Altenburg, 23 Sept. 2007 - 20 Jan. 2008
Kunstmuseum Olten (CH), beginning 23 Mar. 2008


Lindenau-Museum Altenburg

Gabelentzstraße 5

04600 Altenburg (external link, opens in a new window)