Andrea Pichl – Sculptural architecture

Creation of a sculpture as part of the art museum renovation

Project description

When the Kunsthalle Rostock opened in 1969, it was designed as a pavilion to showcase the Baltic Sea nations, Norway and Iceland. As the only art museum built in socialist East Germany, it remains a singular monument of East German architectural culture. The international collection with its focus on the Baltic region and the former socialist states has steadily grown over the past 50 years and now contains numerous paintings, prints, drawings, statues and sculptures publicly displayed in the park grounds outside.

As part of the renovation work on the Kunsthalle Rostock which commenced in September 2020, the Berlin artist Andrea Pichl was commissioned to create a new sculpture for the planned reopening in early 2023. The sculpture will make reference to the interior and exterior architectural elements of the old museum. Furthermore, it will form a bridge between the original East German art museum and the newly renovated building, establishing a symbolic connection between the past and a new beginning.
Andrea Pichl is an internationally distinguished artist who grew up in East Berlin. Her works highlight the design features of public and private spaces in the former GDR and the processes of transformation following German reunification. In a special publication, Pichl will document her research findings on the history of the Kunsthalle Rostock along with insights into how she developed her ideas and created the sculpture.

Artistic director: Andrea Pichl

Creation of an artistic work, Kunsthalle Rostock, Rostock: 1 Jul. 2021– 28 Feb. 2023


Kunsthalle Rostock

Hamburger Straße 40
18069 Rostock (external link, opens in a new window)