Rural exodus does not only apply to humans. Animals, such as foxes, wild boars and raccoons, are increasingly leaving the countryside in favour of urban centres which offer better feeding conditions. This exhibition examines the expansion of their natural habitat and its consequences through artistic means.

Curator: Anne Kersten
Artists: Carsten Höller (B), Friederike Kersten, Michaela Metzger, Claudia Mucha, Michael Sailsdorfer, Andreas Seltzer, Hartmut Stockter, Sonja Wegener, Christina Zück, Ayse Buchara (TR), Carola Dertnig (A/USA), William Wegman (USA)

Venue and schedule:
Wolfsburg, Kunstverein (Art Association), 8 Jul. - 24 Sep. 2006
Opening: 7 July 2006


Kunstverein Wolfsburg

Schlossstraße 8

38448 Wolfsburg