arriving – surviving

Hellweg-Museum Unna – financed through the City Companions fund

The Hellweg-Museum Unna presents what coexistence looks like in a migration society from the point of view of native and immigrant populations. For its project “arriving – surviving”, the museum is cooperating with the Caritas Association in order to reach as many groups in society as possible – especially refugees and immigrants. An important local point of reference will be the State Office for Emigrants, Immigrants and Foreign Refugees, established in the district of Unna-Massen in 1951, which has now become the reception centre for refugees.

In developing this special exhibition on migration and cultural diversity, citizens of Unna are sharing personal objects, telling their life’s stories, choosing thematic focusses and developing suitable forms of presentation. Various participative forms will convey the themes of the exhibition in and around the city. For example, a multilingual, intercultural city map in the form of an app is being developed not only to point out historical sites or offer assistance and integration opportunities, but also to provide a space for personal stories of migration and highlight places of cultural diversity. The project also includes actions in public space to encourage spontaneous participation. The Westfälisches Literaturhaus is organising a lecture and public reading series. Under the supervision of the theatre narrenschiff, residents will develop a dance and movement choreography on the subject of “homeland”. The final results of the project will be presented in a special publication.

Partners: Caritas Association for the Unna District, Westfälisches Literaturbüro in Unna e.V., theater narrenschiff

City Companions fund

With its City Companions fund, the Federal Cultural Foundation wishes to encourage city museums and local groups and participants to forge new partnerships and collaboratively address contemporary issues of urban society.


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Project manager

Kathrin Göttker