Aryanization in Leipzig

Touring exhibition

Leipzig was once the biggest trade and book publishing centre in Germany with a long Jewish cultural and economic tradition. With a focus on Leipzig, this exhibition demonstrated how the National Socialists carried out their "Aryanization" programme which excluded Jews from economic life and destroyed the livelihood of the city's Jewish inhabitants. The exhibition also examined which Aryanization practices were publicly known, who perpetrated the crimes and who benefited from them, and how this chapter of the city's history had been remembered politically in the post-war era, i.e. in the GDR and after 1989. Following its presentation in Leipzig, the exhibition went on tour to Leipzig's partner cities (Krakow, Lyon, Houston).

Artistic directors: Monika Juliane Gibas, Cornelia Briel, Petra Knöller

Schedule and Venues:
10 Jul.-11 Sep. 2007 Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Leipzig
16 May-5 June 2008 Eisleber Synagoge, Eisleben
19 Jan.-23 June 2009 Henriette-Goldschmidt-Schule, Leipzig
23 Oct. 2009-3 Jan. 2010 Museum Schindler Factory (Muzeum Historyczne Miasta Krakowa), Krakow (POL)
and other venues Leipzig's partner cities Lyon (F) and Houston (USA)


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