At close range

Kostas Murkudis and the MMK Collection

Frühjahr-/Sommerkollektion 2015 / Spring/Summer Collection 2015; Foto/photo: Casper Sejersen

Ever since it first opened in 1991, the Museum für Moderne Kunst in Frankfurt am Main has repeatedly examined the overlap between the fine arts and fashion. In 2015 it presented a comprehensive exhibition of works by Kostas Murkudis, one of the most renowned fashion designers of our time. Murkudis’s ideas and designs frequently make reference to contemporary works of art. His sculptural approach, for example, and visible architectural influences are distinctive features of his oeuvre. Thanks to new forms of presentation and his examination of social and participatory issues, his works are changing our view of fashion. In the planned exhibition, Kostas Murkudis explored the aesthetic and conceptual connections between his designs and works from the MMK Collection. These include concepts and forms of display, performance, ready-mades and material aesthetics. Murkudis’s ensembles have been presented alongside pieces by such artists as Blinky Palermo and Franz Erhard Walther, whose works deal with textiles in a wide variety of ways. The exhibition architecture and displays have been designed by the German artist Carsten Nicolai, with whom Murkudis has frequently collaborated in past years. After its opening in Frankfurt am Main, the exhibition will go on tour to a number of international exhibition venues.

Artistic director: Peter Gorschlüter
Artist: Kostas Murkudis
Exhibition architecture: Carsten Nicolai

Other participating artists from the MMK Collection: Mark Borthwick (US), John Chamberlain (US), Jack Goldstein (US), Douglas Gordon (GB), Yves Klein, Thom Merrick (US), Blinky Palermo, Steven Parrino (US), Timm Rautert, Peter Roehr, Juergen Teller, Franz Erhard Walther and others


MMK Museum für Moderne Kunst

Domstraße 10

60311 Frankfurt am Main (external link, opens in a new window)