between two deaths

Exhibition on Contemporary Art

Artistic directors: Felix Ensslin, Ellen Blumenstein
Artists: Bas Jan Ader (NOR), Sue de Beer (USA), Sebastian Diaz-Morales (RA), Harry Dodge/Stanya Kahn (USA), Brock Enright (USA), Barnaby Furnass (USA), Elin Hansdottir (ISL), Jutta Koether, Javier Téllez (COL), Mark Titchner (GB), and others
Venue: Center for Art and Media Technology, Karlsruhe: 15 Apr. - 15 Jun. 2007

Given the disappointment of failed political and social utopias, there has been trend - also in the cultural scene - to look back on the past in melancholic nostalgia. This form of reminiscence can often lead people to internalise their feelings which could result in resignation and pessimism. Therefore, it is all the more pressing to discuss how individuals can counter these feelings of uneasiness and utopian loss. The exhibition Between Two Deaths at the Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe gathered a diverse spectrum of artistic positions which depict the place where melancholy and optimism meet.


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